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Asymptotic Insanity

The Ramblings of an Itinerant Physics Student

Why pick one?
25 March 1983
My purpose in life is to play with the universe. What's yours?

I'm a fat, gay, bi-curious, polyamorous, ex-mormon, longhaired, sarcastic intellectual whore, and am quite happy being all these things and a whole lot more. I am what makes Jerry Falwell spin in his grave. My life partner/husband is the amazing griffen, who I've lived with since 2003. I also have several other sweeties, though they're all long distance and very casual.

In case you couldn't tell from that last paragraph, this is an R-rated journal. I talk about things most parents would like to pretend their kids don't know and do not in the least subscribe to "political correctness". I'm a firm believer in efficiency and clarity in communication. PCism only muddies the waters and makes bigotry harder to see without actually doing anything about it. As for the kiddies, I see no need to limit my communication style to sate the needs of insecure parents, especially since I'm being completely upfront about my content.

I'm an expatriate Orange County resident (born in Fontana, raised in Brea *shudder*) who is VERY happy to have relocated to the Riverside area. The Orange Curtain was SERIOUSLY clashing with the couch, not to mention the carpeting. Honestly, folks, the contrast made my eyes bleed.

I hate hypocrisy and people who make my side look stupid. I'm pretty liberal, but only so far as liberalism is tempered by rationality, a quality somewhat lacking on the left but of which the modern right seems to be completely bereft. And no, "OMG BE AFRAID!!! THE MUSLIMS/GAYS/FEMINISTS/BROWNPEOPLE/BROWNGAYMUSLIMFEMINISTS ARE COMING TO KILL US ALL!!!" doesn't count as rationality. As for the left, I'm sick of the huge gap in the balls-to-sanity ratio. Either they've got the courage of their convictions but apparently grew up in a Ken Kesey novel or they're pretty sane but their metaphorical balls shrivel up whenever a Republican mentions national security. All in all, I'm cautiously cynical about the current political climate. I have no illusions about the weaknesses of my side, but I recognize that things are getting better... kind of.

And in case it wasn't crystal clear already, I think the Bush administration is the pus oozing from this country's urethra. The country desperately needs a shot of tetracyclin in the ass already.

I'm a nontheistic Buddhist. I do not have a belief in the existence of an ultimate God nor a belief in its nonexistence, but strive to be respectful of those who do happen to give a shit one way or the other. However, I cease to be respectful when either side ceases to show at least token respect. Both sides need to understand that neither of them have incontrovertible proof of their claim. Religious people: faith is not proof, that's why it's called "faith" and not "knowledge". Atheists: one cannot prove a negative by lack of evidence; such a state is merely a lack of knowledge in either direction. Under most circumstances I have vast stores of patience. However, I have no patience for religious people who seek to use state authority impose their religious dogma on people who do not subscribe to it OR for atheists who think that religion is the source of all evil in the world and want to outlaw it. Both sides: go back to your respective corners and grow the fuck up. Religion has its place and science has its place. They need to stay where they belong and learn to be happy with what they were made for.

I'm currently a community college student aiming to transfer to UCR in physics. I took the California High School Proficiency Exam and graduated when I was 16 because the traditional school environment was SO not working for me, so I've been in college since 1999. I've tried just about everything major-wise, from computer science to linguistics and now I've finally been converted to physics. Actually, I've always been a physics major deep down, but until now all the math required has always scared me too much to act on my innate urge to play with the universe. One day I woke up and decided that "EEEEEK!! SCARY MATH!!!" wasn't a good enough reason not to do what I've always wanted to do, and so here I am. Because of this lapse of sanity my life mainly consists of going to class, coming home, doing homework, and sleeping, with occasional bouts of eating and even rarer spurts of World of Warcraft (I'm Alliance on Malfurion and Horde on Quel'dorei, for those who know/care).

As you can probably tell from my interests list, I've got a pretty eclectic personality. When it comes to learning I'm completely omnivorous. Though physics may be my one true love, I'm the intellectual equivalent of Paris Hilton. Learning is sex and sex is learning. If you don't believe the latter you're not paying enough attention to what you're doing; if you don't believe the former I pity you. There's a reason I jumped around majors for so long, though I'm glad I've finally found my intellectual life partner (besides griffen, that is).

A warning to the wise: In the words of the great Taylor Mali, "I have a policy about honesty and ass-kicking. If you ask for it, then I have to let you have it." If you ask me a question, I will almost invariably answer it, even if you do not like the answer. Also, asshattery will NOT be tolerated in my journal. If you act like a jackass I will bitchslap you like one. Fortunately I've yet been made to do so. Don't be the first.

If you still want to friend me after all that (you may have noticed I like to ramble on), feel free. I'm an attention slut. Where's my parade? (receive one Get Head Free card, redeemable at your local politician's office, if you get the reference) I'd appreciate a quick "hello" comment in my latest post, but it's not mandatory.

Also, if you ever feel the need to drop me from your flist, go ahead. This is a journal, not a prison, and I'm too lazy to play warden. ;) Stay as long as you like, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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